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twenty thousand leagues under the sea

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am descending...

spending this half of the day w/ your mixes.
hm, i'm shamelessly plugging an own mix for your consideration now:

I am so flattered by all your compliments! I look forward immensely to listening to the above set; your archive of mixes are always a pleasure to experience.

perhaps one day I could have the pleasure of creating a duewet with you. unfortunately, as of late, duewets are my only means of contribution to this site.

Amazing. The perfect mix for me to focus on my research.
You may have done the world a great service/or not depending on
how my thesis and graduate work continues. You are always welcome to Acapulco and thhe seven seas

dear me, that is perhaps the nicest compliment i've ever received. thank you so much!

let me know how your work fairs. until then, good luck!

Arg this is frustrating...8tracks glitched and deleted my comment on your awesome mix, your reply, and my reply with a mix that has a similar storyline:
So...sorry about that :P Keep it up; eager to hearing part II!

haha! i've had similar blips while commenting. and today someone hacked my account. no fun! definitely will check your recommendation. and as for part ii, dont hold your breath (pun intended); i didnt remember i was going to do one.