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Ikea Monkey Doin' Thangs / Toronto's Best Music Of 2012


This mix is missing half the songs. Listen to the full thing here:

Since moving to Toronto two summers ago, I’ve been gobsmacked by the amount of amazing music cranking out of this city. For an outsider, it may be tough to look past the glut of nice-guy barista-rock, or humblebrag raps from a former Degrassi kid. Truth is, there’s a whole other universe waiting to be explored...I’ve tried to provide a sampling of the sounds from (or close to) 2012.

-Jesse Locke, Noisey

  • Island Song by U.S. Girls
  • One Last Shot by CELLPHONE
  • I Hear a New World by CARL DIDUR
  • see you in the dark by sexy merlin
  • Ignore Dub + Molle by Kanada 70
  • 20Wenty by Claudio
  • Supernatural Grill by Wolfcow
  • Matthew Doc Dunn • Young Tecumseh by healing power toronto
  • Pines by Black Walls
  • HVYWTR • Dirty Tricks by healing power toronto
10 tracks