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a new model of the universe


we're going deep.
how deep?
keep breathing and the choice is yours.
sounds for successful multivariate linear regression.
and for @lumen
& answers
no and then
no know

13 tracks
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The MOST inspirating song EVER heard: "Wildlight - Live inside a Dream". I loved this so much. It made me really happy.

Thank you for that!
P.S.: I dont know from where you get your new songs?

that one came from bandcamp where i think the whole album (which is pretty good=) is a pay what you want. that's my preferred place to pick up new stuffs as the economics of the site are so much better than ALL other music services. all of them. also, my pleasure. thank you for the comment, the connections are my favorite part of this site.

Oh wow Lynx has a new album?! I need this.
This mix is really the perfect wake-up call in the morning. More and more I realise how your mixes put me in just the right frame of mind before I leave the house - a perfect balance of mental resilience and energy with an uplifting sense of introspectiveness. Lovely.