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yoga party dance dub for that fine asana.
11tracks including music by Beats Antique, Liquid Bloom, and Deva Premal.
soften into breath until you hear the tabla.
inner spiral until you see forever.
enjoy your savasanah and all the energy of alignment.

11 tracks
4 comments on anusara

this mix deserves to be gold, and now it is, I have the honor of being the "100th" like, but in truth, I love this mix, the second track was surreal, beautiful, transcending, and spiritually intense. Please make more, I have started following you as well, and look forward to seeing more from you

well thank you very kindly for the comment, i've been missing the anusara invocation as of late but don't see any reason to have stopped. hope you're able to find more luster around here and i'll certainly be tuning in as well. bb.

I created an account just to comment on the fact that I love all the quotes on your profile picture..I saved many of them to my computer...All my wisdom nowadays seems to come from quotes I find on the internet

I am so glad to hear it, thank you! Be sure to checkout the mixes by the @WideDelicious crew and all the good people contributing to @duewets as well. Very happy you are here, enjoy the sounds.

ahh, i love how this starts out slow and hypnotic, then builds into floaty melodic bliss. so in love with that karsh kale track. My chakras and I thank you. il&g <3