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you know how when you notice all the tension building up in a certain place in your body during an inhalation and all the cramped darkness turns to an ache and all you can do is watch it circle until you're near to bursting so you silently scream and the transition begins to slowly cascade back into the soft relaxed state of engagement while calling the organic light to the circle when you move closer to the universal with the most subtle parts of your exhale?


breathe. dream.

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I'll drop you an email to see if we can get it fixed. Don't have my library with me in the office but I think getting this place to work is more important...

Hello :)
I'm having trouble with 8tracks. Can't seem to play anything. Can you send me the tracks to my e-mail please? :)

I'm playing it without issue right now so if you still have problems let me know via reply. Also probably a good idea to start with a clean session (cookies, cache, etc.=) hope that helps!