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flow through


our sexy new house needs a sexy new sonos.
we gon fall in love.
the dimmer lights are already installed.
get it.
art by @djembeandcanvas

12 tracks
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I heard the first 10 seconds of the first song and immediately liked it and the mix, I had to follow this person. Oh of course it's noknow. You sir have very interesting music taste and I really appreciate the quality of your mixes.

It's raining...
It's pouring...
The music is soothing...

Come hither and melt with me...
Don't make me beg and plea...
These melodic vibes desire be...

uhhhhhh, uhhhhhh, uhhhhhh

This is one of those mixes where it just keeps getting better as it goes along - Dusted Compass blew my mind, Rise Ashen is just perfect fusion of acoustic and electronic (actually this whole mix does that well) and Kaminanda is just plain sexy. I have a feeling this is the best sonos bedroom mix out there.