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sheet one


one hundred hits of goodness.
pre-approved trip hop, chillout and electronica.
8hours. Lulu Rouge, Kona Triangle & Belleruche
full track listing in the comments but the order is slightly different for flow...

99 tracks
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@DJ_Serenity Hey love, thanks so much for the shout and glad you dug. I just spun this one again recently. It was messed up by SoundCloud integration and I did a double take when the song from Grease came on but I decided to leave it more as some humorous relief than anything else. Anyway, good to see your name here and hope you are doing well too. Many heart smiles. BB

Oh man, that's too bad but I'm happy to hear you're looking on the bright side of it all! I'm in the process of making a trip-hop mix actually because I realized I haven't made one in like over a year! I had a lot going on but now I'm back in action. This mix inspired me to create it so I'm super excited to keep working on it today, hopefully have it posted by tonight. :) Many blessings your way.