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spirit of resolve

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Good morning and Happy Holidays, sir. Mujuice is incredible. Haha, so dope. I am staying for sure. Why would I ever leave? :D

@nulkmad N you are the best kind of dude and I'm very glad to know ya. Thanks so much for the comments and engagement.

@noknow Dude!!!!!!!!!! Yuss! I am so happy to see your name. I was elated when I got the email notification that you commented. I sent you a few messages on Google Hangouts. Much love dude. *heart symbol*

A graceful playlist I discovered. A peaceful moment I spent. A merry Xmas and a happy new year I wish to you. May The Force ...and so on...(known tune)

A superb pan-cultural trip! So many great tracks but I agree with Freaktosky - Moonboy is epic beyond words. Thanks for your efforts, friend!