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the dreamer's guide to sacred space


fall in love with the shivers from a kiss on the nape of your neck. wildly beautiful static for your spine

12 tracks including music by Cathedrals ‡, Elliphant, and HONNE.


8 tracks
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Dude this is one hell of a mix. I think i'll listen to all of your mixes! Just one question, where are your cover photos from? The ones like this kind. 2 faces looking at each other.

@LeinadDC Hey mister, thanks for the shout and glad ya dug this one. 8tracks has been trying to have an additional presence on teh reddits so i used a few threads to curate this one. have been going through a big Android Jones stage with the artwork selection lately so all of the 2 faces looking at each other are A Jones creations (have some older mixes with his art as well). Anyway, tanks so much for the shout, will certainly reciprocate with the listens and keep writing and mixing as you're so inspired. BB.

@noknow Cool! I don't use reddit myself but i've been using Slack and i actually have an 8tracks chat there, been trying to post it on the forums for people to join but for some reason i can't create a topic. Anyways, the artwork is sick, i'm going to check Jones for sure, any other artists you can recommend? And thanks! I'm not sure if you'll like my playlists, they are mostly EDM and a few instrumentals, but hey you never know.

In fact, I only just finished listening to this playlist now and I do realize at the moment that just like is not enough for some mixes like this one. But it is not possible, like for a restaurant, to count its stars

Was on my list of "listen later" and I do not regret having had a look today. Last but not least. And it gives me also the opportunity to wish you (us) still to make (listen to) great playlists like that