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the hug we all sometimes need


feeling stuck inside yourself? having a rough go of it today?
here are some favorites to spin for when your spirit has fallen and can't get up
it's a hug, a nod and a dream that everything will okay
let's take some time and float away

18 tracks
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Thanks my friend. Long time no heard from you :-( . This is a hug that I would willingly accept every morning that God grants us. Thank you for bringing these tracks together

@Sowat? thanks so much for the kind words, my world has been made better by your participation. have been going through a bunch of transition and missing inspiration but I can feel it dancing around the periphery of spirit so hopefully new goodness will manifest soon. until then I hope the hugs keep you warm. Bright Blessings.

@noknow Then I am glad to know that hope still lives with you. Keep me informed as soon as a new inspiration comes to fruition

this playlist is really something. fell in love with it by listening the first three songs. the feeling that you get listening to this is really something. there are some mixes that you just can't ignore when browsing through 8tracks. this is one of them, thank you