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the way we vibe

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specious rumors spammer: lost self in the glamour of spacey beats and images replete with cosmic cuddling suggestive of dipping some wand that my pen is in some cup of ink that she bleed thinking like an embolism. or some raw wisdom wriggling up my spine. stopped at the first channel lock and blew my my lower body up, full of her love like a gas is my body a balloon or am I not ready to wake up (read as: pop)... and in the ensuing pause = holding our junk in our trunk

I stand in awe at the multitude of mixes you provide and that I hear so much new music every time. You are the batman of mixes, sir; I would ask where you get all those wonderful toys from but you already answered it previously. Keep doin yo thang maing!

Hey, thanks so much for the shout mang! Love finding and sharing new goodness but it's the community here that keeps me coming back. Appreciate the interaction just as much as the sounds. Vibe on.

Bandcamp is my preferred location but a few birdies, some friends and reco's and record label subscriptions all come in at some point too. once you get situated at your new spot we should do a collab man.