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Finals Week Piano Sounds

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This is awesome :) I'm having like a weird moment with the love story viva la vida mashup, bringing back memories of the old sims music haha! Thanks again :)

After twelve hours of work, music on, the wind strokes the leaves outside, a trickle of rain covering the windows, dimmed light in the kitchen, preparing thyme-chicken stuffed with onion-pears serving carrot-chick-peas on the side for dinner. Promising thoughts chasing tiredness at a calm pace... letting the day end with a smile while thanking Nolan again for putting this amazing sound-collection together... whatever your day was like this says it all... chicken in the oven... hungry now... :o)

got a tough / rough / edgy day behind you or a tricky bit to study... this motivates - soothes and reassures you with every little note... thank you for this! :)