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красная комната (the red room)


"she's just a little girl." "she's anything but that."

a (mostly) instrumental soundtrack for the children of the red room.


edit 11/18/15: so 8tracks made me replace the second song (davy jones anton kemmeren interpretation) and for the life of me I cannot get the full song to play. so sorry!

10 tracks
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Hey I see you used apres moi in this which I love but i wish you would've used the original regina spektor version because I thought it was more haunting/fit better :( either way I loved this playlist!

I was already loving this mix when suddenly, after the Woodkid song, played the Swan Lake one and then no more! It stopped there! I saw the tracklist which was pretty promising but now I can't hear it fully...! Just for you to know :)

@supernovaed sorry you're having trouble! i just double checked the playlist and it's playing fine for me. sometimes 8tracks just randomly goofs like that.