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Fanmix for Kate Fuller and Davina Claire

Girls with innocence torn away and blood on the hands, staring death in the face.

Blood ends and blood begins.
Blood ends and light begins.
We are broken dams.
We are goddamn broken

10 tracks
1 comment on WE ARE GOD: DAMS BROKEN

I'm so glad you made this mix! These two are so important, and so similar – I'm actually working on a davina x kate fic as we speak, and I'll definitely need to listen to this again while writing because it's so good. The story of childhood being ripped away from children is never not devastating, and it hurts even more when it's about young girls (at least, it's more visceral to me, though as a girl I'm biased) and you cover that so well – this mix speaks to both the desire to lose innocence to be stronger and survive and the desperation to hold onto innocence, the need to do 'bad' things and the self-hatred and crisis of identity that ensues, the horror of coming of age under the worst circumstances. Sorry for how long this comment got! This mix made me feel a lot of things.

@fellowshipofthefalls OMG, thank you so much for such amazing words. You are like the Queen of fanmixes for female characters. I agree with what you say. Kate and Davina are so compelling for me and though they are different, they have so many similarities in terms of what they have to resort to to stay strong. their reslilliance and strength, transition from being careless teen to being forced to grow up. Please, do write that fanfic