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hellhounds and pentagrams


a mix inspired by the fumes of hell, the barks of hellhounds, the feeling that the devil is after you, the sinful thoughts; oh, we should really stop romanticizing demons;

part II:

10 tracks
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This mix is fabulous! A song is missing though: The Demon by Suggia, you can find it on soundcloud. It‘d fit perfectly ;) Congrats!

Such a wonderful mix. It really truly deserves the gold status that it has earned (well it actually deserves the diamond or platinum but you're on your way :)) but you've captured such a difficult essence to capture with such wonderful songs most of which were new to me, and you made me love them. Wonderful job. Keep up the amazing mixes!

This is such an amazing playlist. Instant favorite. So many new names, and all of them incredible songs! I can't believe you were able to capture all this lightning in a themed bottle, along with what also happens to be my favorite playlist cover image too. Congratulations. You've won.