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NOON // 062


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Real time reviews are now over. In summary, Noon Pacific is fucking awesome and gave me a bunch of new tunes to incorporate into my weekly playlist. You did well. Thanks guys! (I'm not sure if you are one guy person, or a girl person or multiple people and I don't know that I need to know because in my mind you're like a super hot demi-god so don't spoil it for me).

I didn't think I'd like Empire at all after hearing the first 20 seconds. One needs to give these things time and not jump to harsh judgments. Or you can stick with your gut as I should have. Empire isn't a terrible song but it feels like it's trying to leverage the "epicness" of the multi-vocal schtick that is all the rage these days. I'm sure this song will be used in a Pepsi commercial at some point. Having said all that, I like the emotion that it evokes and wouldn't kick it out of bed on a lonely night for sure.

Tunes that take you 3 or 4 times to really get into it are the best. I'm not totally feeling Happens now, but I think I might dig it after a few replays. It has a lot of elements of How to Dress Well material. That dude writes shit that I cannot get out of my head but I never like the first time I hear it. I'll be back for more of this.

Full disclosure: I'm kind of a hipster dick about remixes of pop artists. It's something I'm working on. I'm appreciating I Just Wanna Love U within the boundaries that my fractured psyche will allow. I'm pretty sure that my body moved to the beat a few times during this despite my prickish nature.

These Heights is working for me. Sort of mid-grade electronica with mellow, hip vocals. Kind of a somewhat more mainstream TEED.

I saw Peace live about 4 weeks ago. they played California Daze as one of about 6 songs they did. it wasn't their best or their worst. feels a lot like they are channeling Oasis channeling the Beatles. I could see it growing on me but for now my beer glass is still empty. I expect great things from the next song after my refill.

I'm kind of meh about Together. It's not really doing much for me. This could be partly due to the fact that my beer glass is now empty which by itself can be a pretty big variable on my mood.