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You Monster


  • GLaDOS ; Still Alive (B.I.T. Remix) by Portal
  • Stressed Out by Twenty | One | Pilots
  • Machine [Regina Spektor cover] by The Worthies
  • Rock Cover By NateWantsToBattle by "Want You Gone" From Portal 2
  • Somber by Perverse
  • Do Better (Say Anything Cover) by SelectABonus
  • You are Not Part of the Control Group by Julsy
  • Remix of "Mad World" and "Ready Aim Fire" and King George VI speech by Janelle Pierangelino
  • Spectrum (Maya Jane Coles remix) by Florence + the Machine
  • I Miss The Misery (PJ Makina Remix) (Free Download) by Halestorm
  • GLaDOS Is To Blame by Portal 2
  • Still Alive by Jonathan Coulton feat. Ellen McLain
12 tracks
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