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flying into tokyo pt. 2


made another flying into tokyo for actually flying into tokyo in a month or so

similar to the last one: japanese-inspired (?) electronic and ambient stuff that you can study to or travel with, hope you enjoy and happy adventuring!

(part 1:

14 tracks
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Hi @northernground , thanks for the amazing playlists! Gotta love part II ! :) Well, part I is definitely one of my favourite playlists on 8tracks (mind you, top 2 actually!). But today as I switched on 8tracks for yet another yoga session with your wonderful playlist - it was gone! Please please please republish it, or al least give me the tracklist via email if that's ok? Thank you so much! my email is :)

@linkuz it isn't popping up on my user page and I don't know why! I'll try to figure it out, but in the meantime, here's the link: http://8tracks .com /northernground /flying-into-tokyo (without the spaces)

@linkuz nevermind, it wouldn't publish because 8tracks won't let the title be the same as the first track name, damn it. it's back up and ready to go though!