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You'll Be Okay.


"It's not what it seems
in the land of dreams
don't worry your head, just go to sleep"

"Stay alive for me
You will die, but now your life is free
Take pride in what is sure to die"

"I wish I knew when I'll be back again
So until then, I wish you well
My dear Brielle"

"Brighter lights fill the night
and bluer skies reflect in your eyes"

"I'm not saying I'm not crazy
I'm not saying I've found God
I'm saying here and now, I'm alright"

"The time for sleep is now
it's nothing to cry about"

"It's not so bad
To be the only one left here
Though the science may seem queer
It's all that I've got now"

"We move along with some new passion
knowing everything is fine"

Cover art by me

8 tracks
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