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home alone without macaulay


Somedays you just don't want to go out. That doesn't make you bad, it's cool to embrace being alone. Eat a bowl of cheerios or two, dig out those VHS tapes and dance in front of the mirror because that spoon is your microphone and that mirror is your audience. And here are eight great tracks to get your menage-a-une started. And if The Office is on after your little party that just means life is sweet.
Kick it with Beck, Modest Mouse and more.

8 tracks
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Really nice job! I've been trawling around for a good home alone (sans one direction) playlist for longer than I'm willing to admit. Needless to say, I was quite relieved to find this. Thanks for providing the good jams!

yes, your descriptions are always on-point, full of pertinent imagery. if you're not already, you should be a writer