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Lig♓t of ♏y Life [♥]


A fast-paced electroswing/jazz tracklist for two les8ifins. Because let's not kid ourselves, Aranea has her hands full with Meenah's energetic shenanigans!

Requested by aristocraticknavery@tumblr. {♤}
Unknown source for cover art. [If you know the artist, please let me know!]


8 tracks
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Haha, oh gosh, I downloaded every track on this playlist /because of this playlist/ and that was easily a year or more ago, but I just never got around to commenting on here, which is a massive oversight on my part. On 8tracks I've logged about 15 playthroughs of it, but on my own machine it's well over 100 at this point. This is so good. it's SO GOOD. Like this playlist fundamentally altered my relationship with the kind of music I seek out and listen to? I really should have told you that before now, but I forget things a lot. Anyway, thank you so much for making it!!!!