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are you lonely ? are you sad ?


"you find a hope that somewhere, someone is thinking of you. If just for a second."

-- a playlist dedicated to my new warriors oc, dewbelly who lives a very lonely life.
((also hint hint ask me about my fukkin ocs))
-- also this is a really sad playlist??? im so sorry

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@sharpsharpteeth ok first up bless up for asking. and about dew, she has this horrible self-esteem which only further spiraled downwards when her sister (and only friend) left the clan and dew alone. dew's father died trying to help find her sister, leaving dew alone. she thinks of herself as mediocre and in effort to keep those closest to her still around, she is incredibly passive to the point of a doormat and desperately wishes to be something more than what she is - easily forgotten, easily overlooked. :')

@not-here ah she sounds so wonderful and so sad :{{ i figured from the mix that she was grappling w/ extemely low self esteem but ahhhh i only knew the half of it. is she part of an rp or just a static oc?

@sharpsharpteeth ah thank you !! she's been a static oc for a while, but i have put her into an rp site lately and im excited to see how things will unfold for her !