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You'll Catch Your Death of Cold // October


October smells like firewood. He’s long and weathered and wears layers of scratchy wool. He takes the screens out of the windows and carries heavy pumpkins in to the house. When you need to get the winter coats out of storage in the attic, October will go get them for you, braving bat and web and mouse in order for you to be down-covered. He’s so strong, October. An early to bed kind of man. A black coffee drinker. He likes pie after dinner and lets you have all the blanket when you’re cold.

  • It's Around You by AnR
  • Mates Of State, Basement Money by danceyrselfclean28
  • The Dive by Fool's Gold
  • Turn Me On by The Grates
  • Promise Land by Hooded Fang
  • Danger Love by Top Less Gay Love Tekno Party
  • Do You Remember (Live) by Ane Brun feat. First Aid Kit
  • Rock Bottom by Pablo
8 tracks
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