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if you've ever been my friend

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I really love this playlist. Newt's death was by far the hardest character death for me to deal with ever... and read A LOT of books where characters die. Great job on this playlist.

@leximiller0916 me as well! for some reason i was really attached to newt from the start...i think what appealed to me the most about his character is the fact that he's not everything you thought he was..newt is like, the most tragic character in the book. i don't know if dashner meant it to be so but he's probably the most internally conflicted character in the book and his last words to thomas (especially his confession of suicidal tendencies that added so much meaning to his entire character :( ) were probably the most impactful, character defining moments in the book. honestly i love newt; he's the one everyone knows and respects yet he's the one with the the most internal conflict and the most repressed grief and it's so evident in his last dying wish and :(