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my story got told.


hey guys. if you're hearing this, it means you did it. you won! you kicked the shit out of hargrove's forces. i knew you could.

but this is my last stop.

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YORK OMG I LOVE YORK SO MUCH. then again I need to be careful of spoilers, only on season 7 and my watching buddy will kill me if i spoil more stuff for myself hahha I'll listen once I get to freelancers arc I think :P

Thanks so much!! :DDD and IKR, like skipping songs, only playing 5 songs in a playlist which has 11 songs in it,deleting the app that people outside North America use.... They need to get their shit together :P also please if you ever feel the need to make another church playlist I would be so happy *bows at your feet* o

oh it's been shuffling itself from the very first time I listened... If you don't mind posting it, what's the correct track list order?? That way I can listen to it the way you designed it and cry even more :PP cause I've heard King and Sad Machine but it always stops at track 7 :(

I keep coming back to this playlist and every time I come back it kills me a little more inside. Dude seriously this playlist should be illegal the feels are too strong. ITS SUCH A GOOD PLAYLIST. Also what are the last two songs?? I only ever get to track 7, Good bye To A World, and I'm super curious about what the last two are!!!

@ChocolateWingS Aaaa what? 8tracks, why?! The last two songs are King by Lauren Aquilina and Goodbye to a World- which apparently is song seven for you? Oh my gosh I am going to fight this website. I think the song that Goodbye To A World replaces with itself would be Sad Machine, which is by the same artist.

Well thank you very much for destroying my soul. Like I didn't need that, it can just break and fall on the floor :P seriously though this is an awesome playlist thank you so much for taking the time to make it!!! :'D

@ChocolateWingS I laughed when I read this, not gonna lie. I'm glad you enjoyed it! I'm very proud of this one, after all. And I'm very sorry about your soul. (I mean, it's immesnely satisfying to know I've destroyed it, but still. My bad.)