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L.J. Made A Mix 21 - Chinese Dentist (circa Spring 2008)

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At the time I made it I had a sketch from "Mr. Show" stuck in my head where a Good Fellas-esque movie was censored to be shown during the daytime. During one scene it's censored so that the actor says "Mother Father! Chinese dentist." I then learned that Chinese dentist is part of an old bad joke where someone calls in to make an appointment with a Chinese dentist but the person calling in can't get an appointment set up because they keep saying they want to come in at 2:30 but the Chinese dentist says 'I know tooth-hurty, when do you want to come in?' So anyway, to answer your question, I just had the phrase stuck in my head for a while around the time I was making the mix, that's why it's called Chinese Dentist. It doesn't have anything to do with any of the songs, or anything else really.

01 Radiohead - All I Need
02 Modest Mouse - Dramamine
03 Red Hot Chili Peppers - Dosed
04 Jane's Addiction - Three Days
05 Faith No More - Caffeine
06 System Of A Down - Sugar
07 Primus - Here Come The Bastards
08 Queens Of The Stone Age - The Sky Is Fallin'
09 Modest Mouse - Custom Concern
10 Beck - Crystal Clear (Beer)
11 Blind Melon - Paper Scratcher
12 Toadies - I Burn
13 Alice In Chains - Got Me Wrong
14 Fugazi - Long Division
15 Radiohead - Reckoner
16 Pink Floyd - Pigs (Three Different Ones)