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Fingersmith - Tell her you love her


"If I had drawn her to me, she'd have kissed me. If I had said 'I love you', she would have said it back; and everything would have changed. I might have saved her.

But I did nothing. And soon, it was too late to change anything."

A mix for my favorite book (and movie adaption) Fingersmith, the heartbreaking story of Maud and Sue. (it will literally wreck your heart tbh)

Songs mostly from Sue's point of view, I added the most accurate lyrics in the annotations.

14 tracks
4 comments on Fingersmith - Tell her you love her

God bless your beautiful mix. I just finished watching part two (It wrecked me) and i'm reading the book, Gotta say, I am now obsessed and It is one of my favourites. Thank you for this perfect mix! I'm using it while reading the book c:

@Hufflepuffniall yaay I'm so glad you like it! you're right... the movie wrecked me, the book killed me, and even making this playlist destroyed me soul haha. enjoy the book! x

omg god bless u for finally making a fingersmith mix ;__; i love the book and movie so much and i've been checking the #fingersmith tag since ive read it last january. so yep, THANK YOU SO MUCH

YOU'RE WELCOME! I felt exactly the same way, it is seriously one of the best movies and don't even get me started on the book ugh (it killed me with perfection). It's just so underrated and unknown so I was like, fuck yeah I'll make a cute mix, probably nobody will listen to it, but I have to deal with all these feelings somehow! I'm so glad you like it! (✿◠‿◠)