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The Master List


Ok, 8tracks. I can't have more than 2 songs from the same artist on a playlist. It's cool, how about a lot of artists then?

On a road trip? Pulling an all-nighter? Just have 16 hours to spare? Welcome to the master list. A compilation of songs from over 150 artists and counting. It's a journey, hope you enjoy the ride.

I dare you to listen all the way through. If you do, post what the last song is. First person to finish can suggest adding a track or get's a postcard or something. Cheers.

229 tracks
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@denis.novozhilov Home is now in the mid 120 range, sorry it took so long. I kinda like this though, keep it going, I put a new track at the bottom.

I LOVE this. could you possibly post the track list? I love this, and would like to put the songs and artists on my ipod and the track list would be extremely helpful. cheers!