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3D JAMS pt. 2


A mix of 3D Kpop songs

HEADPHONES ARE REQUIRED!!!!!!! + Turn up the volume for a better sound quality

Part 1:

All 3D edits on this playlist were made by me.

14 tracks
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OMG THIS PLAYLIST IS LIT @_@ great job!!! I really really really love SM Ent's releases lately. I swear they slay every time they release an SM Station or like when NCT debuted or Taemin did a comeback huhu. AND YOU JUST MADE THE SONGS MORE AMAZING LIKE !!!!!!!!!!! 3D VERSION OF 7TH SENSE?!?!??!! i wuv u. Thanks a lot! Keep up the great work :(((((

@Jisoo's Idiot Thank you so much!!! Yea SM has been releasing awesome music recently!!!! thank you for listening I'm glad you enjoyed my playlist ♥