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THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS! This is actually the first comment I've ever left on a playlist. I'm just asking but can you add Dirty Jamjam to this? My bestfriend and I would die for a 3D edit of that :)

@kaylem2294-333 thank you so much! I will try but the problem is that 8tracks has a limit to how many times an artist can appear on a playlist & It's hard to surpass the limit (I get away with it a lot but I had trouble with this playlist) so I can't make any promises but I will let you know if it works out!

@Jung Hoseok haha same here I just got into them recently. Their songs Colors is amazing. And they did a great cover of Twice's Ooh Ahh that'd be cool to split both versions of for a track XP Thanks for reading my suggestion haha

@loveyourselfasiloveyou well the problem is that I haven't really found any 3D audio edits/split edits already made for day6 (I usually get them off of youtube). I would offer to make them but 8Tracks requires 8 songs to make a playlist (omg...i understand why it's called 8tracks now asjdfkl), and it takes take making the edits (I'm not very experienced).

@loveyourselfasiloveyou If there are a couple of specific songs you'd like to hear in 3d or split, I could do that and post it on tumblr, but most likely I won't be able to post a whole playlist.

@Jung Hoseok I definitely understand! How people make these edits blows my mind XD Thank you though! If you ever find a DAY6 edit or make one please share.