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Becoming Free III


Art Called: Lords Of The Wind by RHADS

Highly recommend checking part I And II
And stick around, more is on the way :) i won't be around this month if y'all comment I'll reply to you all next month. i did this all in a hurry my flight will be leaving soon enjoyed see ya.

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I never make comments. Nevertheless, this selection has made me travel through a journey of the past and future. It has made me change my mood towards what I needed it to be and successfully made me focus in what really matters in this precise moment. It was trully a wonderfull tool to continue my work with renued thriving energy... for that many thanks... I'll keep an eye (or should I say ear?) on your work.

@ejvs aww I can't help but thank each and every one of you in returned. I've seen your comments and it has given me such excitement to come back from my trip outside of the U.S. To share yet another beautiful piece. But wait, don't get to excited I haven't published it yet. I just wanted to say thank you for now. I can't respond to everyone individually so I decide to copy and paste to make my life easier. Big shout out guys your comments literally fill my soul with excitement. Some found it so beautiful left them in tears, others found themselves speechless. I really felt like my motive behind this playlist has been met. Before i set out to created this mix style i was so angry at life and everything feels so overwhelming i just couldn't take it anymore so i decided to collect soundtracks that takes my mind off things away from the city life, bills, and school. something that can take me to a different journey i can manipulated and called my own. And bamm i did it. therefore i called it (Becoming Free) and founding it reaching and healing so many of you in a way only music can it gives me the greatest pleasure. I promise as long i can find cool tracks like these i'll keep them coming. that is my promise to you all.. There was a following questions by @Plotageddon He/she asked where i get them? well i spend most of my time on youtube to be honest and sometimes i do come across others that are not necessarily on Youtube if you dig deep you will found most on Youtube for sure i hope that answered your question. thanks again guys. do checked part I and II if you haven't and stick around more is on the way. Keep in mind if you love a playlist whether my or someone else's comments always boost our inspiration. although we don't get paid but we work like hell to come up with the next one's. See ya Peace

This mix is just as inspiring as the first and second one. It brings my mind to a new level of creativity when I write. Thank you very much and keep mixing because you're a true artist. <3