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Born To Be Free II


Time Flies, but memories last forever, live each moment fully.

Big shout out to Mattia Cupelli Over time is work are getting amazingrrrr I can't hardly wait to post more of his stuff go check him out show him some love. I'm currently making some changes stay tuned. Some of the songs are definitely past soundtracks nonetheless, they still beautiful.
Cover Called: fantasy by unknown from Devianart i'll keep you updated on that . peace

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Dear artist, I didn't get on here for a couple of months. Today I was in the mood of clicking back on 8tracks, and directly went on your channel thinking maybe there's something new. What shall I say, it made my heart burst. I fell in love by clicking on this list. Thank you very very much for listing up this beautiful music, not even to speak of the beautiful covers, which are art for themselves. Just started the second track and already I'm nearly crying. Listening to your playlists makes me relax and reach the top of my skills, especially when writing. Thank you for being so awesome. Lots of love. XO

@earlgreysladyviolet Been a while :) it is so nice of you to drop yet another heart warming comment. I'm happy I could make your days. i haven't been here much either, since soundclouds no longer partner up with 8tracks things been kinda slow lately, I have so much work in store for y'all, it's insane. Music that would make you wanna leave everything behind in a heart beats, for a brief moment you would feel like nothing chaining you down. You are free. Free to dream, free to simply be you, but oh man sadly, until the matter settles there's not much I can do. I'm sorry though my passion for mucic is leaking out way to much ahah Definitely stay tuned as much as you can, I might surprise you yet again. oh by the way i would love to check out your works, do you published any books?

@Nu look Oh, thanks, I'm excited for what's to come. No, I didn't publish any books (yet), but unfortunately I write in German only, since that's my mother language. But maybe someday some of my work gets published in English. I'll tell you first ;)

@Nu look Hello my friend in art ;) I wrote you on facebook. Please check your messages. ^^ Oh and btw I wanted to tell you I'm writing something new. About planets and stars and space ships and giant birds and golden lights, inspired by your beautiful sounds. This is the first story out of tens which really turned out to be the way I wanted. I wish you understood my language, I would let you have a look. Lots of love. XO

@earlgreysladyviolet oh gosh I am so so sorry, I barely saw this message, and as for Facebook I didn't receive one either. I just recently check all my old messages. I'm certain there were none from anyone else other the people I've known. Unless I must have this regard it without further questioning, but i can't remember doing so. But i'm still interested to check it out. And again, i'm so sorry, here search me up with this email instead and thanks for remembering it mean much.