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Conceptual Mind's II


Rise of ( Daniel Jang ) is a very talented Violinist . Although the Original Songs are not his but when it comes to Covers he got people mesmerize. If you love his songs thus far please do support him Share some love looked him up on YouTube...Also share some love down below tell me what you think
-Comments are always the best source of Inspiration- (hold up) i think it's above idk lol)

16 tracks
3 comments on Conceptual Mind's II

omg, really, one of my favorites. Daniel Jang´s covers are so perfect, and the k-pop covers are amazing. I really love this one, Thanks for making it~ (sorry if there are some things wrong, I'm Colombian and my English is not that good, I'm improving it, orz) ~

Really the sound it makes ... it's incredible!! Thank you for sharing with staff. I am Brazilian, and should have some wrong word (thanks tradudor, seriously lol). Anyway, congratulations! KPOP? OMG

@Yabruh Brazilian That's awesome and Dont worry i make lots of mistakes as well..if it aint for autocorrect i would be doom ..And thank you there is a first part i think you might like it too checked out.