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Conceptual Minds IV


All cover Music please support these Artists their works are to die for.

Art Cover: Unknown
I had to download all of them, please be patient at the end of every one of them stay tuned thank you all.

8 tracks
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Amazing! I love to hear good songs in a newer version. These covers are truly great, especially Infinity, which I love very much. You may wanna try out (or knowing you I guess you already have? ;)) the project Cinematic Pop. They do very beautiful covers, too. Always delighted to see a new Masterpiece from you (by which I mean playlists AND paintings ;)). Keep up the great work, it's highly appreciated. XXX Lots of love!

@earlgreysladyviolet God i love Infinity one of my favorite, on the list, damm It feels good when people are connected through music like that :) as for the project Cinematic Pop, It sounds familiar but i'm not certain I have. But , hey!!! i'm so curious now to check it out, I can't hardly wait . And thank you so much you're greatly appreciated. Back to you with so much love. can't wait to surprise you again. Thank yoooouuu :)