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Shattering Hope


Constantly making changes in the Meantime enjoyed. please don't hold back if there are some areas that need improvement please do let me know ill be happy to make some adjustments.

30 tracks
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Wow! Thank you so, so much!! I'm listening to the Tomb Raider playlist now and I absolutely adore it! It means a lot to me that you would go out of your way to make a playlist for me so truly thank you so much! I hope you continue to make the awesome playlists that you do so I can keep listening to them :D one last time, thank you so much!

I love your playlist!!! It really helps me study and also sleep on restless nights :) If you take suggestions I think that the theme song from Tomb Raider the 2013 edition would be fabtastic! I think it would fit right in :)

@Mesinius hey, I did consider your suggestions, but I didn't feel like adding more to it. However, since you are the first person to suggest some great ideas I have created a playlist dedicated to you. I'll be publishing it today go check it out after its dedicated to you. This playlist consists with many tomb raider soundtracks i didnt focus to much on organizing it but i hope you love it.