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The Power of Positive Thinking II


Shout out to all my listener from my other first mix who truly enjoyed it and i'm welcome y'all as well plzz enjoyed. And Check part 1 totally different except the very first track.
"Success is a journey but few are willing to take on that challenge you must willing to sacrificing the person that you are, for the person you could become.
Don't just listening applies you'll undoubtedly growth.
if u have a quetion hit me up on

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This playlist changed my life - probably listened to it over 150 times in its entirety over the past 2 years. Thank you, thank you. Of all the playlists I've heard...I keep coming back to this one.

@tracey-m-114594 I'm overly excited to hear that, thank you. Feel free to look at other ones from my playlist. I guarantee you, you will find better play mix you have never heard anywhere on 8tracks. Stay tuned. ..

Hey @Nu look thanks for the great playlists man! i've recently written my own inspirational alarm clock song that I thought you'd like. lmk what you think my man.

@aaronlouisweissman hey i saw ur comment but didnt really had the time but listen i do love your track.. in matter of fact im actually wondering where u get some of them i havent heard them before however imma be honest i wish that you add epic movie soundtracks instead in the background ...which would have killed it i hope that helps and thanks for considerate of sharing with me. that means much

@cyliz.r i wasnt around but ur words made me feel like im doing the greater good it has truly give me more boost to keep track like this coming thank you so much keep at it. plugin every day if u must. that would surely change ur ways of thinking