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Turquoise Skies


Rad morning mix to travel in time and space.
Better with bitter coffee.
(Fairouz means turquoise in arabic)

  • Kifak Inta by Fairuz
    Fairouz - Kifak enta (How are you?)
  • شايف البحر شو كبير by mohamed-shaaban
    Fairouz - Chayef el bahr shou kbir (See how big is the sea?)
  • Fairuz // مش فارقة معاي by Msh Far2a M3ay
  • فيروز _ يا انا يا انا by Noor
    Fairouz - Ya ana ya ana (Oh me, oh me)
  • Bizaker Bil Khareef / فيروز by Fairouz
    Fairouz - Bizaker bil khareef (Remind me of Autumn)
  • Habbeytak Bessayf by Fairuz
    Fairouz - Habaytak bessayf (I loved you in summertime)
  • Ashtaqtelak by Fairouz
    Fairouz - Eshta'tellak (I miss you)
7 tracks