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Flame and Ice


"One day he is sensible, well educated, and good-natured, and the next he's a wild beast.... "

"But who has bade you to burn it? - Fire! - answered Dolokhov" (first edition, [XIV. С. 135])

For the one with always cold smiles and ice-blue, light eyes. It seems imposible for somebody, but Dolokhov is my most adorable character in totally all russian literature, so let me recount one dire tale with sprees and exploits, with love and hate, with agonizing and sorrow.
Probably, it would not be always canonical or classical and contain some hints from different editions of "War and peace" (I've read one perfect dissertation), but it was great joy for me to make this mix and I hope that you feel it too.
Some parts are for Dolokhov/Sonya unrequited affection

25 tracks
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