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I was honeymooning hard in December. Euphoric. It was a good time. I listened to a lot (a LOT) of FKA Twigs, as well as a bunch of the stuff I was already listening to the month before like Clarence Clarity, maybe with a bit more Sophie cuz December is the time to party and get bouncy.

Can't remember many complaints from this time (aside from the usual concern and heartbreak over increased shootings)! Party planning, party attending, friends new and old, kissin', dancin', great music and cute musicians. I got scary weed high for the first time (on a work night because I am an idiot lol) but it was quite the bonding/educational experience with a good friend. There were birthdays and winter solstices and ugly sweaters and holiday dinners and New Years. Lots of love. Lots of merry.

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