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...because people always leave...


Dedicated to a true friend - A Brother

You were always there for me when I needed you most, and more importantly, when I said I didn't...

To a man who values life, and love, and happiness,

To a man who never gave up, even when the world had already given up on him,

To a man with a passion, may he never let go

And to my friend, my brother, my family, my self - Chris, this one is for you, Brother.

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3 comments on ...because people always leave...

Wish You Were Here... All Time top 5 best songs ever! What a powerful tribute. Must be a great guy, your brother.

that one's great too. i meant the floyd :) and last third of the mix was superb; great way to end with a bang, really enjoyed this one

great opener... and wow, what a description. lots of feeling... hope things are okay. you're not alone, man. my brothers are everything to me; i totally feel you :)

Things have never been better. Depression can be beneficial if you utilize the emotions being felt - "Nothing can cleanse the soul, but the senses. Just as nothing can cleanse the senses, but exploring the very depth of your own soul."

I will see him soon one day. And I will rejoice, but the reality of loneliness will be ever-present until that day comes. Much love - Thank you so much for your kind words! <3