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Best of My Best


With an attempt at flow, I am adding songs from most of my playlists that I feel are very important to me, and certain places I have been in my life. There is a mix of everything basically, but I want to take you on a musical journey of my life. I hope this works, and I hope you all enjoy, Thank you!!

50 tracks!! Artists Include: Radical Something, Rebelution, & Grizzly Bear

42 tracks
4 comments on Best of My Best

Really loving this! Lots of good variety in here. I know most of the songs but there have been some surprises in there like the "sexy and I know it" cover... LOL...I actually prefer this cover better than the original!

@DJ_Serenity You are very good to me. I have been majorly slacking on my 8tracks, but you keep bringing me back. Thank you for this! yes, I think that cover is the only way I listen to that song now haha. Noah has a whole channel on youtube that he does covers on, and each one is so fantastic!