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Dean Winchester's Radio Show Vol. 2


You have tuned in to the one, the only, the Dean Winchester Radio Show - 20+ classic rock songs bound to make your day a hell of a lot better.

Artists Include: Joan Jett, Kansas, and Jimi Hendrix

22 tracks
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Sorry for the long delay in response!! I can't believe I missed you!

Thank you for taking the time to listen to this set. It is one of my favorite of the radio sessions I do. :D Stay beautiful!

just found this service and your fantastic playlists. whats funny is, starting in the third season, i made my own supernatural playlist, over 4 hours long. and on this particular list, its like you were there! lol! every song on this dean radio is on that original playlist! my brotha from anotha motha!!! well done!

there is a rock essence throughout this whole tv series which is enhanced by all these beautiful songs. I just heard Katmandu by Bob Seger in the latest episode and it got me to dance like crazy. I just love love love these songs. Thanks a lot once again :)