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Emma's Search For Skyfire, The Wandering Phoenix


For a long time, dark evil existed under the great stone pillars of the mountain. Everyone tried and failed in defeating this blackness that plagued their land. Everyone, except the Bleary Clan. Emma's father, Hrvaelsberg avoided the blackness at all costs because he was afraid. As fear drove him mad, Emma quietly left her home in search of the legend of the Wandering Phoenix, Skyfire. Listen, as she attempts to save her homeland from the great darkness that has continued to envelop it.

24 tracks
3 comments on Emma's Search For Skyfire, The Wandering Phoenix

Wow I love the idea of creating a story around a music mix. Very cool and inspiring. Thank you for sharing this with the world ;)

@earlgreysladyviolet Thank you so much for taking the time to write a comment. It means a lot, especially with these mixes. I absolutely love making them, and am going to continue. Wonderful little projects. Thanks for giving it a listen. :)

@nulkmad You're very welcome. Beautiful inspiring mixes like yours help me thinking and writing. I'll stay tuned and very look forward to your upcoming work XO