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Even Superheroes Bleed


Superheroes need a day off too! Enjoy a rock/alternrock filled playlist full of music from popular, and not so popular superhero soundtracks.

32 tracks including artists: The Used, Aerosmith, and The Flaming Lips.

32 tracks
4 comments on Even Superheroes Bleed

Dude!!! You are my musical hero right now. This mix is so bad ass!! Out of all 24 that you have this one takes the world by storm. I have consistently used all my data on my phone for your playlists. AWESOME!!

Hahaha! damn, well mister swank, I truly appreciate your feedback, and memory sacrifices. This one was one of my favorites to put together. Although - the latest indie playlist is one I am truly enjoying. :) cheers mate. thanks again for all your support.