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Morning Molecular Meltdown


Good Morning! We'll all be bright!

Much Love Always,

Edit: Due to Soundcloud song removals, Morning Molecular Meltdown has been re-vamped. It has a similar feel, with two original tracks. Please listen and enjoy Pt. 2 of Monday's Molecular Meltdown.

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@Samuel_peterson - Hey Samuel, this is the first of many playlists that will be re-published. I wish there was a way that friends could filter through recently re-published mixes as well. I don't know if that could be an option, but since this change, it would be nice to see and send notifications somehow. I didn't want to just delete the mix entirely, which is why I bring up these points. Also, I think this turned out better than before. I think you called it on that. :) <3

@nulkmad Well, an easy way to draw attention to newly re-published content is exactly what you did here: @ tag anyone you think might be interested. However, with changes to the Home feed, older content is getting a reboot anyway, as we're cycling through the entirety of our contents (not just new material) to match listeners' preferences. So, it's pretty likely that it'll find its way into the right ears with little effort from you. I've seen quite a bit of activity on my earlier playlists lately.

@aunt13 @aunt13 My journey has been quite an amazing one. :) I'd love to swap emails if you'd care. I'd love to hear your story as well. Take care, friend! <3

@aunt13 hello!! I just wanted to let you know that I had to redo this playlist due to the removal of SC tracks. It is basically a new playlist with 2 original tracks. I hope everything is going well with you. Cheers!!! <3