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Myria's Quest For The Forgotten Heartstone


Myria's village, consumed by fear and darkness, has been plagued with death and disease. Myria's only hope is the Ancient Heartstone. Legend has it, The Heartstone possesses magical elven powers said to bring healing to anything it touches. The quest falls onto Myria's shoulders as she faces the darkest of evils throughout this epic journey, in search of the Forgotten Heartstone. Come join her in this epic tale of struggle, passion, and courage.

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14 tracks
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@earlgreysladyviolet Oh I am so happy you are enjoying yourself. I have placed all of these epic tale mixes in a collection called epic. I will try and make it more accessible witha sub collection of just epic tales. But that first collection has all of my epic instrumental playlists if you are ever curious to dive in. :D Cheers!! And thank you again for taking the time to write a comment and listen. much love!