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Oh and... FUCK YOU!

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Hi there been going through a lot of shit lately with life and this site been on here a few years now I still get a lot of skipping etc.even got a new computer. Any way Ive found if I can get to peoples older mixes they seem to play better. Got off track there what I want to say is Not a big fan of Eminem and that genre but the rest really rocks man.

@verrierhill I think it may have been soundcloud tracks. Play a newer mix of mine and see if it skips. I don't think it will. But if it does, will you let me know? Yeah, I was going through a rough time with this mix, and eminiem helps deal with the anger haha. :P I think Stan is a really great song that was structured very well. It has always stood out to me.

@DJ_Serenity Hah! This mix blows my mind with the attention it still receives. It is a great mix to get lost in. Thank you for stopping by! How have you been? <3

@nulkmad That's because it's a bomb ass mix dude! No problem at all. I've been pretty good. Working out the crazy in my head and trying to find that creative spark! It's been a struggle but well worth it. How have you been? :D

@DJ_Serenity Haha, thank you. :) Yeah, I have also been working out the crazy... Do you instagram at all? It is the only real social thing I do, except this. I have been doing okay. I have been extremely busy with work that I barely have time to make mixes anymore. I am putting one together tonight though. More of a late night, go to bed mix, but lots of awesome guitar too. :)

No I don't do Instagram. Sawwy. I have an FB and that's it. That sucks work is keeping you so busy. Sounds like you need a vacation! :P he he that's awesome you are creating a new mix though. I always like hearing your stuff! Oooh and that's the best kind. Sounds so peaceful and soothing <3