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Omens Of The Lonely Fox


Winter is coming. A darker time for a dark mind... Over the past 4 years that I have used 8tracks, I am still blown away by this community and how much is invested into the relationships that are being made. I do not know any of you, really, yet, we are connected somehow. I believe the power of music heals, and I extend my warm blanket out to those searching for comfort in these dark cold days to come.

Much Love Always,

P.S. Check out the series - This is pt. 4

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@Btrxz I think cheesy is my specialty. And yeah, it answers my question, although it was a rhetorical "wat" Thanks for always checking in on me. You inspire me a lot with your words and your ears. One day, we should have a giant 8tracks bbq. Ohhh, it would be so much fun. I don't even know if we would listen to music. We would be sharing and talking so much about artists no one would play anything. :P

@nulkmad This mix and the description is so lovely and cheesy it warranted a " You cornbal"l comment! Does that answer your "Wat"