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Omens Of The Lonely Owl


Death is just another name for change: Death of Dark Times and a Change to Brighter Ones. Depression is a part of my life, and will be forever, but I am here fighting for life, and I owe 8tracks a lot for the healing it has created. For those of you out there suffering as I am, know that you are not alone, and you can reach out, even if it's through music. Find your inner peace.

This is a hopeful mix,

Much Love Always

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I have much respect for both this mix, and you are a mixer. It is a tough subject such as this one to make a mix out of, and not everyone can do as well as you have. And I must say, you really have outdone yourself. I do not think that people realize how much a simple collection music can heal so many wounds, and I can say that this one has more than likely helped heal its share. This truly is a fantastic mix and I urge you to make more like it. You will do the whole world good by doing so and you will help so many individually. Stay Sentient, nulkmad...

@Infinite Sentience Thank you so much for your kind words. They mean so much to me. I apologize for my late reply. I have read this comment many times and have thought how I would respond. But I guess, all I really need to say is, Thank you. This musical journey has been quite a fantastic one. Full of growth, healing, happiness, sadness... All good things and things that I am so happy to have in my life. <3

It's not just the music that is incredibly moving here, it's the sense of comradery that comes from these connections in music and hardships. I don't suffer from depression myself, but seeing this truly warms the heart and I wish every one of you find the light at the other end of the tunnel :)

been playing this mix and my innerverse for the past few weeks everynight when i come home. im going through a rough road and i just want to thank you because these songs make me heal. its my pillow at night haha. i will soon be over with what im going through. :)) just wanna share :)

@ busterchristina-862 - I saw your comment a few days ago, and I really wanted to sit down and spend some time with this moment. My struggles have guided me to this place, 8tracks, where I feel like I have created a second home. I use 8tracks as my healing too. I am a fire dancer, addicted to music and movement and beauty. Your words mean so much tome because not only am I healing myself, but for the few that comment and the endless people that don't, I somehow am finding a way to help others too. Your words have sincerely touched my heart, so thank you. I love you. I hope things are going smoother on your end. <3

This is one of my top favorites I have ever made, it came from the heart, and it is who I am. I don't think I can make anything more beautiful than this... I really appreciate your love here. It is always appreciated. <3