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Subatomic Pulse


Careful, the night air shifts,
So brisk, so chilled.
Open your ears,
You've never been more thrilled.

The music, you find,
Shifts with the air.
It's chilly too,
So handle with care.

Sensory overload,
The music will not stop.
Beat here, there, everywhere,
My head is about to pop!

Enjoy this chilly set,

Much Love Always!

8 tracks
3 comments on Subatomic Pulse

@storygirl Hell yeah! You stopped by! :D If you would like a more guided lens with all of my mixes, you should check out my collections, I try to make it as easy as I can for the random listener. :P Thank you for checking this one out. It seems you are grooving away. :D

@nulkmad I appreciate that your mixes are organized into collections, as I do like to binge djs. I might be lurking around these parts for a while! Have a good night :)

@storygirl Hah! It helps me sleep easier at night knowing the way I set things up here helps people find my music easier. That is definitely the goal. Cheers! :D